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ed with each other in lauding him as conqueror, he replied: “It was their mistake that


they used fire as a torch to scale the cliff; for when the flames died down they were sud


denly left in thick darkness with the foe in front and a steep bluff behind.... I, for my


part, put my trust in the darkness, under whose cover I surprised the Pelasgians, and the


darkness did not deceive me as their flames deluded them.” 28 VIII. During the fir


st few days after the unsuccessful attack Periphas, from fear of the Cychreans, concealed


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himself in a cave in Mt. Hymettus. It was known only by the herdsman who brought him his provisions, and the furniture consisted of some goat-skin coverlids, a hand-mill, a few clay vessels, and a stone hearth. One sultry afternoon when the sun shone into the cavern Periphas was lying alm

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soon the cry wa     s heard: “
Lyrcus is upon us! Fly from Ly


ost naked behind a block of stone at the entrance. Before him stood a youth with curling black hair and a deer-skin thrown around his loins. Nomion was the son of a neighboring chieftain, and had been Tydeus’ friend f

rcus!” Then began a flight


rom boyhood. Both looked grave, nay troubled; they were talking about the Cychreans and Tydeus’ murder. “I believe you are mistaken,” said Nomion. “Lyrcus had nothing to do with the matter. Tydeus fell in a b

so headlong that many of the s


roil; his refusal to serve the Cychreans irritated them and made them furious. Each threw a stone and wounded him until the hapless youth drew his last breath. It was like a swarm of bees attacking a mule; no single be

oldiers thus taken by surprise d

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e can be said to kill it, each one merely gives its little sting—but the animal dies of them.” Periphas shook his head. “I know better,” he answered. “Lyrcus hates me and all my race. Did I not woo Byssa?”

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“No, no,” persisted Nomion, who as the son of a29 chief used greater freedom of speech in addressing Periphas than most others would have ventured to do. “If Lyrcus was the murderer, how could he enter the places

o pull their spears out of t

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of assembly before the houses and move about among the other Cychreans? Who will associate with an assassin? Are not trials in all cases of murder, according to ancient custom, held under the open sky that neither acc

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users nor judges may be beneath the same roof with the slayer?” “I know,” muttered Periphas with a sullen glance, “that a murderer is unclean.” “Not merely unclean—but u

  • Just at that moment a chief in a copper helmet, breast-plate, greave
  • s, and shield, sprang from behind a rock, threw himself like a m
  • adman before the fugitives and wounded several with his spear.
  • “Periphas!” shouted Lyrcus, hurling his lance at him. But th
  • e Pelasgian parried it with his shield, and at the same instant its edge
  • was cleft by the weapon he stooped behind the rattling
  • pieces. The ash-spear whizzed over his head, ruffling his hair.
  • 27 “So near death!” he thought, and an icy chill ran through bo
  • ne and marrow. Lyrcus drew his sword; but a throng of fugitiv

es pressed between

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nder a double ban. The victim’s and the wrath of the gods. Shall the murdered soul wander away from light and life without demanding a bloody vengeance

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? And the gods—to whom murder is an abomination—shall they forbear to practise righteous retribution?” Periphas, averting his face, remained silen

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t. “Forgive me!” exclaimed Nomion, “I forgot that you yourself....” “The soothsayer,”—said Periphas, lowering his voice, “yes, he fell bef

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him and Periphas—he saw the latter’s glittering helmet whirled around and swept away by the stream

ore my spear

. But he was rightly served. Did not the fool proclaim aloud, in the presence of all, what he ought to have confided to me alone?” “Yet i

f terror arose

the name of Lyrcus the alarm spread from watch-fire to watch-fire. Just at that moment a loud shriek o

t was a murd

er.” “No, my friend, believe me, it was something very different from their crime. Don’t you know, Nomion, that no Pelasgian owns larger